This Blog

I began this blog to help me remember what foods I have made, how I made them, and what to change the next time I make them. I still refer back to my older recipes often and it is fun to see how my cooking style has changed over the years. By no means am I a professional chef, so most of the time I take a recipe from somewhere else and adapt it to my own style. My husband is much better than me at making stuff up and ending with fantastic results, and he is a wizard with main courses, but I am the household dessert expert so we complement each other well.

My cooking philosophy is three-fold:

1. “My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet.” – Mahatma Gandhi

2. Go by the recipe the first time, edit after that. I figure, there is a reason someone took the time to write down all the ingredients and steps necessary to make a tasty meal so why mess with it before even trying it? If you read my blog entries you’ll probably notice that I post the original recipe, with my notes in parenthesis and in a different color, and at the end I talk about what I thought worked and what I’ll do differently next time.

3. No one ever eats a cookie saying, “I’m eating this because it’s great for my diet.” Moderation is key and I believe in eating less delicious food, rather than lots of “healthy” but nasty food.

Most of the desserts I bake have one or all of these three ingredients:

  1. Liquor – Bourbon is a common occurrence
  2. Chocolate – The darker the better
  3. Coffee – Often this will be combined in to one step with the liquor: Coffee Liqueuer

There is so much to enjoy in life there is no reason to be unhappy with what you already have. That’s what this blog is mainly about. Using what you have been giving and making what you have on hand work for what you need. I can’t run to the grocery store every time I find a recipe that has an ingredient I don’t. We are on a budget, just like many other people, and we just can’t afford to buy everything we see. So we work with what we’ve got and usually it works out perfectly.

About Me

MeMy name is Megan and I live in Duluth, Minnesota. I’ve been here since 2009 and, even if life takes me somewhere else for a while, this town is where I’ll come back to when I retire. The beauty of the natural world in and around Duluth is spectacular and the atmosphere, without sounding too new-agey, is one of peace. So many of my family members who have visited have told me once they get to Duluth, they feel completely at ease (my brother even had a hard time staying awake the whole weekend! I guess he really needed a break).

I am not a professional blogger, photographer or chef but these things are a bit of a hobby for me. I chronicle my cooking adventures at Working With What You Have, and photos I take of Duluth and the surrounding area end up at Daily Duluth.


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